Boiled Wool

Boiled wool is made by agitating wool fabrics in hot water, which shrinks the fabric. Through this process, it becomes a dense, felted fabric that resists fraying, and is ideal for berets, scarves, jackets, and coats! Explore King Textiles online selection of Boiled Wool sold by the half yard.

Explore King Textiles online Boiled Wool collection sold by the half yard.

Available in a variety of colours.

Our Online Boiled Wool Collection is under construction! Check back for updates. In the meantime contact us if you a specific colour in mind.

4 products found in Boiled Wool

Heavy Weight Boiled Wool Coating - Marbled Grey
  • From $6.25
Boiled Wool - Burgundy
  • From $6.25


Marbled Wool Coating Pre-Interfaced
  • $5.00
  • From $2.50
Boiled Wool - Camel
  • From $5.00