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Square Rotating Cutting Mat - 17” x 17”

Square Rotating Cutting Mat - 17” x 17”

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OLFA's popular 17" x 17" green rotating, self-healing, professional quality rotary mat rotates 360° smoothly, eliminating the need to move your body or your project around. It's simple to use - just cut, rotate mat, and cut again! The two-piece rotating mat has a non-slip, stationary bottom layer with an interlocking top cutting mat that rotates 360 degrees. Provides stable and safe cutting and is light-weight for taking along to class. It's perfect for cutting squares, triangles, diamonds, circles or any shape that requires turning; easily make 30°, 45°, 60° and 90° cuts. Especially designed for use with OLFA rotary cutters; fixed-blade knife blades may damage mat. Rotary mats protect your work area and greatly extend the life of your rotary blades.

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